Jeff Kaplan Talks About Fans' Disappointment On Mei-rry Mei Skin; Confirms A New Skin Will Be Released Next Year

Overwatch Winter Wonderland has just been released and it offered a lot of new contents including the new hero skins. But despite the magnificent aesthetics, one skin in particular received negative reviews from the fans. And today, Jeff Kaplan finally addressed the issue by revealing how they're planning to augment their "mistake" in the future.

New Mei Skin To be released

It's safe to say that many aren't happy with the legendary skin of Mei especially when you try to compare it with the other legendary skins - one fan in particular, even said that it just felt a lot inferior and underwhelming.

After a short while, Jeff Kaplan then addressed the issue himself and apologized to the fans regarding the 'disappointing Mei skin.' According to the game director, they deemed Mei's skin to be legendary as it can change the visual effect of her Cryo-Freeze ability (making her a cute snowman). To them, it was already cool enough - to which we can also agree, but not for some.

To others, they feel like Mei-rry Mei is a lot underwhelming for its price and thinks that she deserves better. And so Jeff Kaplan officially announced today that the hero is going to have a new skin earlier next year. It's also hinted that the upcoming skin will also be another Legendary.

Mix reactions

Despite the torrents of negative criticisms, some fans still thinks that Mei's skin is pretty amazing and is on par with other skins. One fan in particular was even bewildered by how spoiled the Overwatch community are - as they kept on asking for pretty much everything they wanted on the game (nerfs, tweaks, events, etc.), and now this. You can check the arguments on the Reddit thread here.

Release Date

Jeff Kaplan didn't reveal the official released date for the upcoming skin but it is important to note that Blizzard constantly celebrates Chinese New Year on most of its titles. For 2017, Chinese New Year starts at January 28th. If Blizzard will hold an Overwatch Chinese New Year event then this is surely the best way to release the legendary skin!

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