A Redditor Just Received The Most Epic Gifts From Bill Gates Himself

How does it feel having Bill Gates as your secret Santa? Well one Redditor just experienced it today as she excitedly opens up a secret package from an anonymous sender. Are you curious at how Bill Gates shares his love? Well so are we! So come and follow us as we take a glimpse at how presents are wrapped up during the Christmas Season - the Gates' way!

 Bill Gates As Santa

A Redditor just experienced what it feels like having the richest man in the world and a great philanthropist as your secret Santa. Aerrix came home with a surprise upon discovering that an anonymous person just sent her a huge present. According to the label, the package was shipped overnight which baffled her entirely. But nevertheless, it didn't stop Aerrix from the torrents of excitement as she hurriedly opened up the package.

The contents were secured and filled with bubble wraps. After clearing the covers, Aerrix was even more astonished as she just found out that her anonymous Santa was no-other than Bill Gates himself! She then proceeded into opening the presents and one by one. First, the gift was dedicated to her and her dog (Claire). The both of them got a pair of Zelda mittens which is really neat and cute!

Afterwards, she opened up a box that contains an Xbox One Minecraft Edition as well as three special edition Xbox One controllers! How cool is that?

The next that follows are what make Bill Gates one of the best philanthropists out there. It should be noted that Aerrix has been away from her hometown, Louisiana for quite awhile now and she stated that she missed their home cooking and so; Bill sent her a cooking book straight up from Louisiana cuisine! Now that's next level thinking!

More details regarding the story can be found on her Reddit post here. You can check all of the picture in there as well.

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