Dota 2 News: Top 5 Bugs That Are Messing The Game

By K.C , Dec 16, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Patch 7.00 is up for a couple of days now and players are discovering more and more bugs into the system. Today, we're going to list the top 5 game breaking bugs in Dota 2. Note: Exploiting some of these bugs may sent you into Low Priority!

Keeper of The Light: Recall

Dispel will cause Recall to take effect immediately instead of cancelling the spell. Note that Recall can be dispelled using Basic Dispels (diffusal, etc.). So far, this skill can't be exploited as based from the community's experience; the purge has to come from the enemy for the instant TP to work. It's still remained unconfirmed though.

Rubick: Spell Steal

Rubick can permanently obtain the Death Pulse regen once you steal another ability while the regen buff is still active. This means that you can virtually get free HP and Mana until you die - which removes all stolen abilities and effects. Nonetheless, this one can be abused as you can simply kill one hero and the effect will be multiplied by 10 permanently (until death). This bug, once exploited, is bannable.

Invoker: Invoke

Invoker recently got tweaked wherein, you won't lose any mana if you simply switch spells (the same as invoke not going off cooldown). Now, if you get an arcane rune, by simply switching spells, you'll regeneration 20 mana every time. And since invoke won't cd by doing so, you can basically switch spell spam until you get into full mana. According to a Reddit thread, a plausible explanation for this is due to incorrect coding when switching spells. Here's some basic algorithm, when switching spells, mana cost is (-60 + 60 = 0); which means that if you get an arcane rune, the total mana required is reduced before the actual calculation consequently resulting into (-40 + 60) = 20. Exploting this bug is bannable.

Chaos Knight: Phantasm

Aghanim's Scepter upgrade allows CK to cast Phantasm on an allied hero, creating the same effect as using the ultimate on himself. But once casted on a targeted ally illusion, the resulting mirror images will have 1 HP.

Monkey King: Boundless Strike

The level 25 talent of MK gives the hero a total of 300% crit multiplier on his Boundless Strike ability. But in this case, MK still retains his old 200% crit multiplier which can be seen in this picture. This one is game breaking considering that the skill has a high CD and it's one of the devastating abilities of the hero and also gives him a lot of HP once his third skill's passive procs.

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