CS:GO News: Pros and Fans React To NIP's Loss Against Vega

The world may have just witnessed one of the most tragic upsets in the history of CS:GO as NiP got eliminated by Vega Squadron, the team that was considered as one of the easiest teams to beat in the ELEAGUE Qualifier. Following their tragic loss, fans and pros alike have mix reactions with the recent conclusion of the match - which ended in an astounding record of 16-2.

ELEAGUE Qualifier BO1 Match: NiP vs Vega

Coming into the ELEAGUE Major Qualifiers, one of the popular teams, NiP, was seeded against one of the tournament's underdog, Vega Squadron. Despite the masses' negative expectation, the under dogs maintained their composure in the early stages of the game, securing a clean 2-0 against NIP. Many were expecting for a complete turnaround in the later rounds but as time goes by, it appears that NIP is actually losing against Vega - a thought no one could've possibly fathom.

It was only until Vega secured a huge lead of 1-13 that the possibility of NiP losing to Vega is becoming more and more of a reality. Despite making a comeback at the 14th round, Vega simply pressed forward and trampled over the Swedish titans.

Following the tragic loss of NiP, fans and pros alike have taken the social media to express their opinion about the match that is considered as one of the most upsetting games in the history of CS:GO. Here's some of the Twitter posted by professional players:

Will NiP Disband?

As of the time of this writing, NiP has yet to release their official statement regarding their loss on the ELEAGUE Qualifiers. However, one of their core players, GeT_RiGhT has tweeted that he will stay away from social media momentarily as he goes through his ordeal.

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