Rage Quitters Beware: You Will Be Named, Shamed And Matched With Fellow Rage Quitter

By Nick Halden , Dec 19, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Rage quitters can often ruin the gameplay experience of online games such as Street Fighter 5 and Overwatch. Developers are now resorting to public shaming them.

Shaming Street Fighter 5 Rage Quitters

A NeoGAF user posted some screenshots regarding Capcom and Dimp's plan to discourage rage quitters away from Street Fighter 5. These are players who have the tendency to disconnect during their online matches to avoid defeat. Several months ago, the developer suspended disruptive players from the Street Fighter 5 multiplayer game for one day. Although, no penalty to rage quitters were handed out when the game made its debut early this year.

This time, rage quitters will receive a special badge for their behavior. It is believed that the developer will publicly shame these kinds of players in the game's next update. This can improve the players experience once the updates are implemented.

Badges will be handed out that is visible on the player's public profile. Rage quitters are getting a particular icon identifying them as such. This way, players can steer clear of them and battle with better mannered fighters. You can call it karma when these rage quitters have no choice but battle people with the same nasty habit.

Cheaters Will Also Be Shamed Publicly

Meanwhile, Overwatch is launching another campaign ban against cheaters and hackers from the game. Blizzard is also publishing the names of the Chinese players banned from Overwatch. Interestingly, The Chinese names translated to English are quite amusing. One such name is translated to "Genji can't climb wall cuz his legs are broken" while another means "Life is short, get a girlfriend".

Banning hackers and cheaters though result in some serious consequence for the developers. Blizzard is expecting another round of DDoS attacks any day now after unleashing the hammer ban. Honest players though should give credit to Blizzard and Capcom's effort to remove cheaters, hackers and rage quitters from their game.

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