Street Fighter V Still Popular According To Capcom CEO But Players Disagree

Street Fighter V is still popular, this was the assertion of the developer. However, the game's sales report for the year seems to be telling a different story.

Capcom Declares Street Fighter V "A Popular Game"

Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto believed that Street Fighter V is a game that will "remain popular", according to Esuteru. He based this assessment on the potential sales growth of the Sony PlayStation. The CEO stated through a translator, that the PS4 has just reached the 50 million mark and that figure might be four years from now. Interestingly, Tsujumuto did not mention the Microsoft Xbox One since the game is not available on that platform. Street Fighter V is only available to the PS4, Windows PC and Linux.

Street Fighter V Current Sales Report

That assertion seems to be contradicted by the number of games sold as of press time. The developer itself disclosed that only 1.4 million copies both hard disc and digital were sold since the Street Fighter V came out. The report added that approximately 100,000 copies were bought between April and September this year.

Street Fighter V: Prospect For The Future

Capcom's CEO is certainly optimistic about the future of Street Fighter V. But is that optimism warranted? The game certainly appeals to a substantial segment of players fond of fighting video games. But it has a lot of competition with that genre such as Tekken 7 or even the Dragon Ball series.

There have also been complaints about the game ranging from the initial lack of story mode, connection difficulties in multiplayer mode. The $10 per match charged by Capcom in the Pro Tour did not sit well with many players. The developer was even caught sneaking a rootkit in the early copies.

Those who played the game seem to believe that Capcom should instead launched a Street Fighter V reboot that includes all of the missing features and improved gameplay. They also insist that such theoretical update should be free to those who have a copy of Street Fighter V.

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