Overwatch Symmetra Guide, Tips: How To Use Energy Orb For Quick Ultimate Charging

By Nick Halden , Dec 20, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Overwatch Symmetra players rejoiced when their favorite character got a big boost and a second ultimate move. Here are some helpful guides provided by a fan.

How to Use Energy Orb For Ultimate Charge

Reddit user Frogzone posted an interesting guide on how quickly charge Symmetra's energy orb. This is a strategy that will work well on point defense maps while waiting for the attacking team to spawn. Such an advantage can also help the defenders achieve early victory in their matches.

Some Caveat

This Overwatch Symmetra strategy is only effective in certain maps and certain conditions. Some heroes also have the ability to counter this move. This trick will not work with D.VA's Defense Matrix. The opposing Zarya will welcome the incoming energy orb as well. Opposing heroes who spawns in areas with windows might see the energy orb and simply run away from it.

Do This First

Overwatch Symmetra players should keep their first energy orb at maximum. After firing it, start charging for a second one while running close behind the first charge. This will increase the likelihood of inflicting maximum damage and unleashing your ultimate charge.

Applicable Maps

At the Temple of Anubis, position yourself at Anubis' feet and aim the photon projector dead center of the parting doorway. Start charging when the countdown timer reaches six seconds. At Route 66, Position yourself at edge of the cliff where an empty container to your right is located. Target any center part of the parting doorways. Start charging after six seconds.

Overwatch Symmetra players in the Hollywood map should position themselves at the left corner of the computer room's entrance. Once there, target any of the doors and start charging after eight seconds. In the Dorado map, take your position behind near a green scooter to your left. Target the center area of the parting doorway and charge after six seconds. Take a look of this imgur image for additional tutorials and details.

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