Overwatch Hero Picks Most Popular And Effective Heroes Right Now

Overwatch hero picks among the three gaming platforms remains consistent. Find out which character is the heavy favorite and the least among players.

Overwatch Hero Pick Favorite - Quick Play

Windows PC, Xbox and PS players are unanimous in picking Genji as their favorite Overwatch hero pick for Quick Plays. Eight to nine percent players across the three platforms choose him. Meanwhile, Mercy is the second top character for Windows PC and Xbox players as of press time. Although she is also among the five pick among PlayStation players. Interestingly, D.VA is the second and third choice for PS and Xbox players respectively.

Least Favorite Overwatch Hero Pick

Sombra's entry to the Overwatch matches was one of the highlights of the year. Unfortunately, she is currently the least favorite Overwatch hero pick right now. This is due to the fact that less than one percent of players pick her as their character. Her win ratio currently stands at around 47 percent compared to Genji's 52 percent. Meanwhile the E:D ratio difference between the two is nominal because Genji has 2.4 compared to Sombra's 2.04.

 Overwatch Hero Competitive Play

Overwatch hero picks in the competitive plays is another matter. Most players would rather choose Reinhardt, Lucio or Zarya. Most Xbox and PlayStation players prefer Lucio, PC users prefer Reinhardt but Lucio is a close second. Each of three favorite characters is chosen by 10 to 12 percent of the total Overwatch players.

Sombra though is still among the least favorite character in which only less than percent choose her. Other unpopular heroes include Torbjorn, Bastion, Symmetra and Widowmaker. Just like Sombra less than one percent players are choosing them. Ironically, the E:D ratio of the bottom five are higher than the three top Overwatch hero picks except Zarya. It should be noted that picks tend to change based on players' preferences.

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