Overwatch Widowmaker Guide: How To Use The Sniper Effectively On A-D Spammers

By Nick Halden , Dec 20, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Many Overwatch players find the Widowmaker as a hard character to master. Fortunately, there is guide that can help both beginners and even veterans in effectively using this sniper.

Tutorial for Beginners

Reddit user Skyline posted a very informative guide for the Overwatch Widowmaker character. He advised players new to the character to test her in the practice range first to know or familiarize themselves with her abilities. One of her skills involved the two tap body shot against enemies with 200 hit points or more. The trick is to correctly time the second shot that will kill the opponent. After firing a full charged shot simply wait for the meter to reach 70 percent then fire again.

How To Deal With A-D Spammers

Overwatch Widowmaker players only know too well the difficulty of hitting A-D spammers. Fortunately, Skyline mentioned that there is a counter to this which he calls "drag aiming". He admitted that this concept is not new but it's still effective. Simply drag your sights in a path that will likely intercept with the A-D spammer. Once they walk across your sight shoot while still continuing with the drag aiming. This trick is supposed to remove the uncertainty of the mouse movement. The only crucial factor left is the speed of how fast you shoot the moving target. This tactic though will only work against A-D spammers moving in a straight and repeating pattern.

Beating the Opposing Widowmaker

Overwatch Widowmaker players know that there is nothing more satisfying than beating an opposing team's Widowmaker. Aim is still a big factor but there are other important elements involved as well. Getting the right angle especially in corners can help kill enemies before they even see you. Keep as much distance as you can from the corner to avoid being detected and to get a wider view. For more guide tips, you can visit Skyline's tutorial video.

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