Overwatch Meta Play No Match Against A Skillful Team?

Overwatch Meta play has been used as a guide by many players of the game. Although, there are some players who can still win their matches despite disregarding the prevailing meta.

Overwatch Meta Play

The Overwatch meta play refer to the most common strategy or team composition adopted by many professional players in the game. Right now the meta composition favored by many is the triple tank DS which usually includes Reinhardt, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Lucio or Ana. Zarya is normally included but a lot of players have recently stopped using her. The current favorite now is D. Va due to rebalancing changes made by Blizzard. Ironically, a number of players are also dropping Ana from their selection. Other heroes such as Genji, Winston and Reaper are seeing less action these days.

The Overwatch Meta Play Debate

A number of competitive players are debating if the Overwatch meta play matters at all. Proponents argue that the meta play and team composition has been tested by the game's top players. It works so why bother going against it. Interestingly, Meta plays are not permanent and it's adjusted every time Blizzard significantly changes the gameplay.

Skills Can Counter Overwatch Meta Play

Other players believe that Overwatch meta play are useless without the skills to back them up. One team called the Misfits managed to hold and defeat rival teams that employ the triple tank DS line up. Surprisingly, the Misfits were able to win their matches using Widowmaker.


Overwatch meta play also requires more of a useful guide and not an iron clad rule. Players though will still need skills in order to win. But the most important thing in any team sports is unity and and respect for each other. Raging against your team mates will do you no good even if you are on solo queue. Combining skills and good teamwork will certainly make any Overwatch meta play work.

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