Pokemon Go Update: Everything You Need To Know About Gen 2 Patch

Pokemon Go Gen 2 update is one of the most heavily rumored major patches in the game. There are several previous reports and suggestions from the community regarding the update. Though Niantic has not issued an official statement yet, however, it seems like the company has teased their fans about the said patch through their Dec 12 update. The said update brought baby Pokemon such as Pichu, Magby and more which can be hatched from Eggs. In addition, it seems like fans are pleased with Niantic's latest addition to the game especially its global partnership with Starbucks.

According to the report from Otakukart, it seems like Niantic has lots of surprises for their fans this month. Aside from the previous additions, it seems like Niantic is not yet done adding some essential features. Though the release date of Gen 2 update is still indefinite, fans still expect that it will arrive soon.

The report said that there are lots of predictions and expectations surfacing the internet regarding the generation 2 patch. One of which is the region-exclusives. Previous reports revealed the list of Pokemon that might become available only to some parts of the world. Apparently, it was expected that generation 2's region-exclusives might be lesser in number since generation 2 only have 100 Pokemon than the 151 of generation 1.

Additionally, it is said that the possible regions that will most likely to receive a region-exclusive Pokemon are Africa, America and Continental Asia while Europe, Australia other areas might be a bad idea.

The report also said that Yanma, Dunsparce and Qwilfish are heavily rumored to be the next regional-exclusive Pokemon since they all share some kind of exclusivity. While other one-stage Pokemon like Smeargle, Gligar, Miltank and others might become more or less rare. 

On other news, Niantic has another early Christmas gift for their fans as there are recent reported cases of increase in spawn rate for all Pokemon.


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