Are Aliens Coming Through A Wormhole? Does This Explain The Series Of UFO Sightings Seen This Year? Details Inside

An unusual video has recently circulated showing a UFO landing on Earth through a bright blue wormhole. The said footage has then gone viral and known to have been picked up by a number of conspiracy websites and fellow YouTube channels. It was found that although the video clip has spread like a wildfire online, the footage was shot in an unknown location. Eyewitness of the said incident described the phenomenon as something that shows a space ship being beamed down to earth via a bright blue tractor beam.

Aliens And Wormholes: Is This The Start Of Alien Invasion?

According to reports by Daily Mail, it was found that the video has sparked a debate online as people argue over whether the video is real or fake, and what it actually has captured. Skeptics of the phenomenon have argued that the video is only a spoof and that it was made to attract money through the advertisements that feature before a video on YouTube, while some say it was just a lightning strike.

However, although it has not been clear where the video was shot, some of the leading conspiracy theorists say that Nevada and Arizona are hot-spots for alleged UFO sightings since a number of spaceships could have been spotted there.

Furthermore, in one of his statements revealed by The Sun, Scott Brando, who runs a UFO Of Interest, a website which uncovers UFO hoaxes, has claimed that it is indeed a fake CGI. He said that there are previous sharings about the same video being fake and that there's nothing unusual to video.

On the other hand, renowned UFOlogist Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily, claims sighting took place on December 1. He explained that Arizona is a famous hotspot for UFOs and Alien bases, so it's nice to get this substantial evidence of their existence in that area, thus, he is found to have been convinced that the video is about an alien ship, shooting off through the clouds, leaving earth. Ultimately, despite the allegations of both parties, NASA has refused to comment on what the image is claiming it could just be a loose bit of space debris.

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