A UFO That Brings A Metal Ring Just Landed From The Sky And Residents Are On Panic, Find Out Why

Residents of a certain Chinese village have recently been left spooked after an unknown object had apparently fallen from the sky and left a big hole on the ground. At around 1 pm on Dec. 12, an alleged eyewitness has revealed that the unidentified object landed on a mountaintop in Zhangjiapan village, in Shaanxi Province. It was found that after the villagers have rushed over to check the scene, they discovered a burning crater but mysteriously no object was reportedly found in the hole, which then led to some speculations saying that the incident was a UFO.

The Mysterious Burning Crater: CAN It Really Be Caused By A UFO?

According to reports revealed by Mirror, the eyewitness only known by name Zhang told how he heard a deep boom coming from the sky before an object plummeted through the clouds and smashed into the earth. He explains that the unidentified object was moving extremely fast as it has plunged from the heavens towards the mountain range. Zhang has added that it has then created a loud noise as soon as it hits the ground.

Furthermore, The Sun reports that authorities have then found certain items that could be related to the incident in three locations in the south-western part of Fugu county. One of the objects found near the crater, was reportedly a large metal ring with letters and numbers marked on the surface. Authorities have already claimed that the ring had crashed on top of a roof of a house.

On the other hand, while some believe the object could be coming from a supposed UFO, some are found to be skeptic about the incident. Ultimately, it was found that the police are said to be on the process of investigating the incident and all objects found have been sent for testing.

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