Command & Conquer Style Game Now Available For Download On iOS and Android

By Nick Halden , Dec 22, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Command & Conquer is a popular PC game way back in the 1990's. Relieve those memories again by playing the mobile version in your iOS and Android devices.

About War Commander: Rogue Assault

The mobile game is clearly reminiscent of the old Command and Conquer style PC games. The only difference is that you are swiping your mobile screen instead of clicking the mouse. It's interesting that the old RTS genre is making a comeback via mobile devices. It goes to show that old PC games never die they are simply reborn as mobile games or remastered. Here is a preview video for the curious ones.

Inspired By CnC

KIXEYE is the mobile game developer for War Commander: Rouge Assault, a real-time strategy (RTS) game. One of its key people includes Louis Castle who helped developed the Original Command and Conquer and others such as Dune 2. They were also popular since more than 30 million copies of the CnC franchise were sold during at that time.

Features To Expect

War Commander features two campaign modes and multiplayer options as well. Other notable features include player's ability to directly take control of their units during the fight. Veterans of these old games will remember the queue in creating units and tactics that led them to victory.

The developer did remove something that will delight both veterans and newcomers alike. The queue timer is no longer there and units will come out immediately. Just make sure that you have the enough resource to create them.

Availability and OS Requirement

War Commander: Rouge Assault is now available for download in both Apple and Google Play Stores. The mobile game requires the Android OS 4.3 and up or the iOS 8.0 version or later. It's free but there are in-app products available for purchase. User reviews as of press time is generally positive.

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