Help Alexa Set Up Your Amazon Echo In Smart, Easy Steps

Everybody is amazed on what Amazon Echo could do in just a snap. The gadget displayed a great sense of converting consumer's simple home into a smarter abode. Getting one would actually mean having a virtual assistant to help you in everything, users call her Alexa. Just like Apple's Siri, Alexa could be tasked to order online, call cabs and check the weather. But it seems like the virtual helper needs a great guide in setting up the Amazon Echo.

Everything We Know About Amazon Echo And Virtual Assistant, Alexa

According to Trusted Reviews, the Amazon Echo appears to have two buttons on its top portion. The buttons were used to either turn on Alexa or prevent her from functioning. Alexa, the gadget's great sidekick offers seven multi-directional microphones to immediately hear out its owner's command. To notify that Alexa is already hearing the task, a button would light up.

There is also a LED light that would indicate the status of the device's connection. A white light would actually mean that the gadget is already connected.

Call To Help Alexa, Simple Steps In Starting Your Amazon Echo

To enable the Amazon Echo, make sure that it is all set and charged. After that, turn the gadget on and immediately enable the internet connection near you. Next, install the Alexa App on your phone and open it up as it would guide you in the configuration of your Amazon Echo.

Wired revealed that the virtual assistant gets smarter as you ask more questions to her. It was revealed that Alexa is also getting information from her direct owner. To date, Alexa has been widely used to book an Uber ride and getting a research done by saying 'Alexa, book an Uber ride for me' or 'Alexa, research facts about Albert Einstein for me'

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