Spotify App Is Now Updated For The Mac Touch Bar

Apple´s Mac Touch Bar keeps its promise of being one of the trending devices right now, not only because of the fact that it represents a controversial innovation from the Cupertino company, but also because of the fact that it offers numerous apps that deliver excellent quality. Fortunately, this feature has achieved a whole new level of greatness, since the thrilling Spotify app has been updated to it.

Spotify Developers Made A Risky Move With This App

According to Tech Radar, the Touch Bar will now show shuffle, search, pause, repeat, play, skip and volume controls once the Spotify app is open, which could definitely represent one of the most incredible apps you can use with this innovative device, and something that could make people to feel more interested in it.

Although the Spotify app´s greatness is out of question, this was a risky move for the developers, given the fact that the Touch Bar has become a feature that has raised divided opinions among users. Nevertheless, Spotify prioritized Touch Bar support in the run-up to Christmas, instead of other important devices of the Cupertino company, as the Apple Watch or the fourth-generation Apple TV.

The Spotify App Will Excel Customers´ Experience

As reported by Mac Rumors, having the Spotify app on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar will offer an incredible experience for the users who love to play music on their laptops, considering that in addition to the several options that this app offers, the auto-pause on connected AirPods also works.

Of course, this means that when you´re listening to streaming music and suddenly removes this device from the ear, the song will automatically stop and will resume when placed back, just like with iTunes and Apple Music. If you still found the MacBook Pro Touch Bar as an unnecessary luxury, the Spotify app will turn it into an incredible innovation that will definitely satisfy the experience of the users. 

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