Apple Music Hits 20 Million Paying Customers In Just 18 Months

Apple Music has ended up being a huge success for the Cupertino company so far, since it has gain nothing more and nothing less than 20 million paying customers in just 18 months, which mean an important advance in a market ruled by Spotify, who have achieved by now 40 million users. Naturally, this represents a great achievement for the tech giant considering that Apple Music was just released last year, and added 3 million paying customers since September.

Apple Music Was Beneficial To Artists Like Drake

According to Engadget, the Cupertino company is using exclusive artist deals to drive users to Apple Music, which far from only give benefits to the tech giant, it also mean a great news for the music industry, since this is something that has helped it grow in the last months, as it was stated by Apple´s Eddy Cue. In fact, he also said that the firm actually secured over 70 exclusives in the last year, with albums as "Blonde" from Frank Ocean, "What A Time To Be Alive" from Drake & Future or "Bird in the Trap Sing McKnight" from Travis Scott that ended up being number one.

Naturally, the fact that Apple Music helped major artists like Drake to reach the top position, give more fame and importance to a streaming service that could become the greatest of its kind in midterm, considering that it comes with the advantage of getting the Apple Music in every new iPhone sold, which of course, would mean a lot of new paying subscribers by next year.

Music Industry Gained It First Huge Revenue In 20 years

According to the BBC, there´s a direct relation between the rise that Apple Music has had, and how the music industry reinvigorated because of it, to the point in which it actually gain its first huge revenue in 20 years, since the Cupertino company had a 45 percent increase in streaming revenue.

Naturally, just as it happens with many tech products, this also means a huge benefit to a third party that watch how a single device´s feature could ended up giving great incomes. Although no one thought that the Cupertino company would represent a decent competitor for Spotify, Apple Music could even become its great nightmare.

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