iPad iOS 10 Tips And Best Guides: Find Photos And Remove Ads Easily

By stphntapulao , Dec 26, 2016 04:15 PM EST

Ever had struggles in dealing with your iPad iOS 10? Are you still asking what could actually be the real difference between those and the former updates? Perhaps, you still haven't discovered that the all-new iPad iOS 10 features a great amount of functions that are not evident in the past. With this, here are some of the few unique qualities of the version that would actually make your life easier and more convenient.

iPad iOS 10 News And Updates: Quick Guide To The Changes And All-New Features

There has been a wide range of changes that had happened after it has been released. Sources told that the improvements vary from looking for pictures easier up to working with Apple's virtual assistant Siri.

Many reviews admitted that the current version features a great way of effectively looking for photos. The said update could actually know and remember places and objects that could be used in searching for images in your gadget.

Just try to type in 'house' and the said application would immediately give out photos that are connected with the keyword. To fully utilize the said update, make sure that you have turned on iCloud Photo Library. This would make your pictures accessible from one place to another.

Also, it was told that the said iPad could actually open two pages all at the same time. The mode is called 'Split View Mode'. To enable the said feature, tap on a link and click 'Open in Split View'. To exchange positions, just easily swipe left or right on the screen.

iPad iOS 10 Tips And Guides: Set Night Shift And Collaborate With Siri Easily

On the other hand, users could also adjust their viewing mode. The iPad iOS 10 also features an easy set-up of Night Shift, Sunset and Sunrise. To do this, click on Settings and then Display & Brightness.

Try to also ask what virtual assistant, Siri, could actually do, as he would immediately give out all the assigned tasks that Apple has given to him.

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