Overwatch: The Problem With Symmetra's Teleporter And Shield Generator

By K.C , Jan 03, 2017 04:50 AM EST

Symmetra is definitely rocking in the current meta but there's one aspect in Overwatch that somehow impairs her playstyle in the game. This factor can also be applied on other heroes that deploy sentries or turrets in the game. Here's what Blizzard needs to tweak in the upcoming updates in Overwatch:

Symmetra's Teleporter and Shield Generator

The last patch update brought about game-changing features and contents particularly for Symmetra as the hero is now very viable in the meta, bolstering her supporting capabilities by applying huge shield buff on all of her teammates whilst still keeping her situational Teleporter around. Although the new changes are surprisingly amazing, there's still one missing factor in the game that somehow restricts her capability to shine in the top competitive ladder.

This one flaw is pretty simple: both of her Teleporter and Shield Generator cannot be seen through walls which makes it hard for her teammates to protect and cover either one of them while active. One fan even said, "what's the point of Symmetra yelling "Protect the Teleporter/Shieldd Generator" if her teammates can't pinpoint the location of it through walls?"

It may seem like a joke at first but it is indeed a game-changing factor especially when deploying your Shield Generator - in which case, you'd want it to stay active for as long as possible.

The Problem

Although making your teammates capable of seeing the location of the TP/Shield Gen sounds like a pretty neat change, it also inadvertently result in a huge disadvantage considering that Symmetra's buildings are mapped out when viewed from her Kill Cam. This means that if the buildings can now be seen by all of her teammates, then it also indirectly exposes the location of it through her team's Kill Cams.

Making her Teleporter and Shield Generator discernible through walls is a huge boost to the hero's skill-capped but it also leads to a major drawback. If Blizzard does in fact makes her summoned structures visible through walls, what could be the possible fix they can incorporate to prevent exposing their location? Share your ideas in the comments down below!

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