Overwatch Tips and Tricks: How To Remove Delay On Pulse Bomb

By K.C , Dec 27, 2016 04:50 AM EST

Do you keep getting hooked by Roadhog or being hit by Ana's Sleep Dart before landing a great Pulse Bomb? Well, fear no longer as this trick will definitely make your Tracer plays a lot more annoying to deal with! Here's a simple trick on how to stick your bomb instantly on your targets by simply removing the delay on Pulse Bomb animation.

Tracer's Pulse Bomb Trick

One of the downside to Tracer's ultimate is that, it leaves the hero highly vulnerable due to its delay upon releasing the bomb. This can be augmented by proper positioning and making unpredictable moves but still, in competitive plays, you'd mostly want to get in a nice vantage point to flank the enemy lines and release your big ultimate.

But one fan has discovered a trick on how to remove the delay on Pulse Bomb and instantly stick her ultimate to the enemy target. In this video, you can see how he manages to reduce the delay on Pulse Bomb to zero, instantly locking the nearby targets down for one big ultimate.

For this trick to work, what you need to do is to press the bomb and then quickly blink right onto the target. What this does it the blink animation cancels the Pulse Bomb animation which basically make your ultimate seemingly instant.

With good premeditation and hand movement skills, you can effectively make Tracer virtually unstoppable in most scenario as once she gets her ultimate, you can instantly dislodge your Pulse Bomb and blink out to safety - removing the risk of you getting intercepted and even remove the threat of Genji deflecting the bomb right back at your team.


This trick is hard to master as you need to properly time it well halfway across your ultimate's animation. But even if you were able to hone this trick, it's highly suggested that you shouldn't do this against Genji as it can still basically be deflected with the right timing.

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