Overwatch Tips And Tricks: The Best Meta Heroes To Raise Your SR In Season 3

Overwatch Season 3 has just started and the community is now on a quest to raise their Skill Ratings and climb into the competitive ladder. With the recent balance changes, the meta has now changed into a more diversified and profound style of gameplay that traditional compositions are no longer as viable as they once were. Today, we're going to show you the best 'meta' heroes to use in order to effectively raise your SR with ease.

Overwatch Tips: Best Heroes In The Current Meta

Take note that there's no specific rank on these heroes as their roles vary from each other. What's being highlighted is the fact that the latest update gave them enough buffs that they're now the hottest picks in the current meta. Now that we're ready, here's the list of the Best Heroes to Play In Overwatch Season 3.

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is arguably the best DPS right now after the latest buff that gives him a far more sustained and stable damage overall. He's one of the many reasons why Reinhardt is having trouble in the current meta and aside from that, Soldier 76 is also great when paired with Ana especially after the recent nerf of the Nano Boost that basically removes the Ana + Reaper Combo. Simply put, if you want DPS today, then pick Soldier 76.


Despite the recent nerf of the Nano Boost, which basically removes its movement speed increase, Ana is still highly popular in the competitive tiers primarily because of her overall versatility, utility and impact on a game. Her Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenades are one of the most disruptive abilities in the game; providing huge advantage on your team during clutch plays.


Sombra excels at disrupting enemy lines especially when her ultimate is up. But aside from her debilitating EMP, she's very great at creating confusion when capping and/or contesting capture points. If you want to learn more about advance Sombra tips, you can check on our guide here. Overall, Sombra is amazing in the current meta and if you want to climb into the competitive ladder then you may want to play a lot more of this hero this season.


D.Va is simply amazing in the current meta thanks to the recent buff that she had received which makes her one of the hottest tanks in the game. With the buffs of DPS heroes and the availability of Sombra's hacks, Reinhardt is no longer as essential to the team as he once were. The solution? Hybrid tanks -- tanks that are versatile that can still dish out effective damage while still being highly mobile. A lot of the top tiers are now running triple tank compositions using D.Va and/or Winston. If you love your role as a tank then it's about time to master D.Va.

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