Pokemon GO: Watch Out For A Special Message From Professor Willow

By Gen Que , Jan 04, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Could Niantic be planning some surprise this 2017? This was the pervading question many Pokemon GO fans were thinking when Niantic sent a mysterious letter to selected people.

The letter was posted by Reddit user gogeta2706 which he received on Dec. 30. The letter is short and simple but has a hint of mystery. First, the letter said that they will give another update in a few weeks and the second says to expect a special message from Professor Willow.

Last December, Niantic released a massive update for the game and launched a two-part holiday event in celebration for the holiday seasons. So what would be the content of the upcoming update Niantic said which will be coming in a few weeks?

Some say it would be an Easter or summer event, but that would be months from now and not a few weeks. So it could be that Niantic would introduce Legendary or Generation 2 Pokemon. The biggest probability, however, is Gen 2 Pokemon as reported by the website The Silph Road, whose team spotted Gen 2 code in the Pokemon GO v0.45.0 APK.

According to the site, they also spotted 100 Gen 2 critters which start from 152 to 251. Thus, if that really comes in a few weeks, Pokemon GO players should expect to catch Celebi and Chikorita among others.

Other Pokemon critters that belong to these numbers include Sunkern, Scizor, Slowking, Umbreon, and Porygorn among others. Three Pokemon from that list were already introduced late last year: Pichu, Magby, and Togepi.

Furthermore, the team from Silph Road uncovered v0.51.0 APK revealing new avatar customization options to appear soon. The new costumes include socks and gloves.

Regarding the special message from Professor Willow, that still remains more of a mystery than the update. Perhaps it is a thank you letter or a special gift. Whatever it is, Pokemon GO fans have a lot to look forward to this year.

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