Is Pokemon GO Still Heading To Apple Watch?

Not so long ago, Niantic announced that Pokemon GO will be heading to Apple Watch. However, something happened and rumors began surfacing that the company has canceled the plan altogether. Recently, though, a spokesperson for Niantic confirmed that the plan to put Pokemon GO to the Apple Watch is still happening.

In September, a version of Pokemon GO for the Apple Watch was revealed during Apple's iPhone reveal event. However, rumors began to surface that what was shown during the said event was just an unfinished port.

The Pokemon GO and Apple Watch collaboration does not necessarily mean that the game will full run on the watch. Rather, the Apple Watch will show trainers if there is a Pokemon sighting nearby as well as some information about the specific Pokemon and the distance you need to walk in order to hatch the egg. If you need to catch a Pokemon, you still need to take your phone.

Niantic also said that the Apple Watch will allow players to collect items at the Pokestops, watch their eggs hatch, and view all the medals they earned as they progress. The app will also tell players how many miles they have walked and the calories they have burned.

Niantic's original plan was to debut Pokemon GO on the Apple Watch in 2016. After that, however, nothing was heard about Niantic why they kept quiet about the plan. There were even no reports how the project was progressing. Thus, the rumors persisted and any hopes of seeing Pokemon GO was gone.

But with the recent confirmation from the Niantic spokesperson, it is all clear that Pokemon GO is still on its way toward the Apple Watch. What the spokesperson did not say was what stage the development it is in and when it will be released.

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