Overwatch: Full PTR Changes; Sombra Buff, Ana, D.Va And Roadhog Nerfs

By K.C , Jan 06, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Last December, Jeff Kaplan announced the upcoming contents and balance update in Overwatch to fix the concurrent issues particularly on Roadhog's hook and the viability of Sombra in the current meta. According to the game director, the team is waiting for the "mastery curve" to happen before they make any significant changes to the newest hacker hero - and they did so after the trivial buff she acquired in the PTR. While Sombra gets a buff, albeit trifling, the other three heroes, Ana, D.Va and Roadhog received a significant nerfs.

Overwatch Full PTR Upddate


Earlier this week, Geoff Goodman the principal designer in Overwatch, posted the details of the upcoming update on Roadhog's Hook. Here's the highlight of the full changes:

Victim now moves in to the position directly in front of Roadhog rather than a straight line towards him.
Roadhog's hook will no longer connect on targets he can't see.
If the target moves out of LOS (line-of-sight) as soon as he gets hook (e.g. dash, fell off the cliff, pushed, etc.) the hook will break and not connect. This also applies to Roadhog himself. If he landed a hook but moves out of LOS, the chain will break and the target will break free from the hook.


D.Va recently got buffed from the last patch update which made the hero very strong in the current meta. Now, the devs have decided to put a little bit of a nerf on the hero by reducing her Armor value. Don't worry though, D.Va still sits at the same 600 Max HP but instead of having 400 of it as armor value, it is now down to 200. According to the developers, D.Va's armor made the hero feel like she had no weakness and thus this will help mitigate the problem with the current triple tank meta and make other compositions more viable.


Ana received a significant nerf on her Biotic Grenade which now has a reduced 50% healing boost on allies. The main reason for this nerf is due to the fact that Ana alongside the triple tank meta feels really overpowered and that the Biotic Grenade provides much value on heroes that have high HP pools such as the case on D.Va.


Sombra received a trifling buff which isn't really worth mentioning. But since this is a full patch update, here's the change on the new hero:

Decreased the time required to hack a target by 0.2 seconds. This change feels really insignificant and more like a tweak rather than a buff. It all stem from Jeff's idea that the team is currently waiting for the "mastery curve" to happen before they make any drastic changes.

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