Here's What To Expect Next Year In Overwatch According To Jeff Kaplan

In the recent developer update, Jeff Kaplan thanked the entire Overwatch community for the growth of Blizzard's FPS title and the outpouring support from the fans which ultimately led to the stellar success of the game. And because of this, Kaplan has given us a glimpse of what's to come in the following year including new heroes, balance changes, new maps and features. Here's everything we know so far.

New Heroes

In Overwatch' latest developer update, Jeff Kaplan has stated that the team are on the work for the upcoming multiple heroes which he hoped to be released in the following year. But before the hype train began rolling, Kaplan pointed-out that most of the heroes are still "prototypes" which means that they're still in the alpha stage of development. There's still no assurance whether or not all of them will be released. Do not dismay, however, as the Game Direct also said that the team is now working on finalizing the next hero which they deemed to be "very promising," - could it be Doomfist?

Balance Changes

The game director addressed the issue of Sombra wherein many players considered the hero to be 'weak' in the current meta. According to Kaplan, the reason why they are reluctant to make huge changes for the new hero is that, they are waiting for players to fully grasp the mastery of the hero. They deem that some players have yet to fully understand and maximize her capabilities as they can still see her viability and potential in the top ladder. Only when the hero becomes virtually underwhelming will they consider making some major adjustments although they're always open for minor tweaks and suggestions.

New Maps and Features

Kaplan noted that the developers are doing their best to make the final touches for the new Oasis map which is scheduled to be release earlier of next year. He also hinted new maps in development but further details have yet to be revealed. Also, the game director stated that they are now planning to hold seasonal and holiday events which they hope to announce soon. He also said that some of the events can easily be guessed but some are entirely new to the community.

Lastly, Kaplan stated that they are working on the incorporation of new features such as the customization of the communication wheel, addition of a spray wheel, ability to transfer players from party to team chat and many more! Take a look at the full video of Overwatch' developer update down below.

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