The Nintendo Switch Is Filled With Bright Ideas And Lessons Learned

By Adie Pie , Jan 14, 2017 02:51 AM EST

The Nintendo Switch can be argued as the companies make it or break it console, as it follows the remnants of the infamous Wii U. But with the releases and events, the upcoming console is thus far living up to the hype that Nintendo fans and gamers have given it. Fortunately, it looks as if the console manufacturer has learned its lessons and is only moving up and forwards.

As Tech Crunch notes, Nintendo has really gotten far in the last few months, largely because it's most recent released. Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run, for example, have been incredibly well received and have been relatively successful in the market. But while the company's recent history has been relatively smooth sailing, the Nintendo Switch still has plenty to overcome.

Kit Ellis, Nintendo's PR senior manager told the publication that at least with one specific aspect, the company intended to right its wrongs with the Wii U. "There are some elements [of the Wii U] that we're looking at and aiming to learn from," he said at the Nintendo Switch Presentation in Tokyo. "One of them is being very clear in communicating what the mission of the system is."

With Ellis' statement, it is clear that the company is trying its hardest to make the Nintendo Switch everything the Wii U was not and more. The company's first move was to correctly determine and communicate what the console was for and what it could do. With the reveal trailer of the Nintendo Switch, audiences could already pick up on the versatility and features - though vaguely - of the hardware.

And during the January 13 event, Nintendo finally discussed the games and the corresponding gameplay that users would experience with the Nintendo Switch. With its innovative and clearly unique design, there will be some lag time, but this will not last for long. And while there were questions about the current game line-up - with just two Nintendo powerhouses launching with the console - Ellis assured the publication not to worry.

"The Nintendo 64 didn't have a huge launch lineup, but people really look back on it fondly," he said. The company has learned from its mistakes but has evidently also taken note of its successes in the industry. This time around, the big driver in terms of game titles is "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild," which was originally scheduled for release in 2015 - so fans are undoubtedly already on board the Nintendo Switch.

In terms of the actual console, the Nintendo Switch does have a lot to offer, as Time discusses. The event made it clear that the device could operate as advertised. The publication confirms that it is a home console, a handheld and a tabletop game all in one. And its size, though a little underwhelming, is actually a good thing because of entire system's versatility.

At this point, the Nintendo Switch is on a track towards success, but some important questions do still linger. Some of the year's biggest game titles - as Red Dead Redemption 2, For Honor and the Battlefront series - have already been released, but will these be playable on and compatible with the Switch? But it is a great start that several game developers have already made their praise for the console public.

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