Sega Confirms ‘Sonic Mania' Game For Nintendo Switch

The gaming industry is in a frenzy right now as the release date for the highly anticipated new Nintendo Switch gaming console has just been announced. After several rumors surrounding the said up and coming console along with various video game titles came up, it has been finally confirmed that Nintendo Switch and its games will be launched in March this year. One of the games confirmed to head to Switch is “Sonic Mania”.

Sega has just announced that “Sonic mania” is heading to Nintendo Switch. Along with the announcement, Sega also released a new trailer for the said game, which can be watched on the video below. The trailer showed how it would look like on the new Nintendo gaming console. The trailer that lasted almost two minutes featured gameplay from the popular 2D game going through a whole new adventure and enhanced graphics.

“Sonic Mania” will star the popular characters namely Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, and Miles Prower who is popularly known as Tails. These three will all be playable characters. The trailer further introduced more zones and levels, which players will surely enjoy.

“Sonic Mania” is a game designed as a side-scrolling platform one similar to the gameplay of the well-known “Super Mario Bros.” classic game. The said Sega game has been one of the anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog sequels that even its announcement was already received with applause and enthusiasm. The developers were praised for keeping the original gameplay and details of the video game despite having to adjust to the modern advancements in graphics and animations.

The said Sega game is developed by Headcannon and PadogaWest Games and they have made “Sonic Mania” available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows as well. Though the Nintendo Switch has been confirmed to finally release on March 3, Sega has yet to determine the exact date of release for “Sonic Mania” since they have just set the said game to debut in spring this year.

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