First Humans In North America Arrived Much Earlier

Knowing much about the past can give new insight. It could also lead to revising what is known about history. There is evidence that the first humans in North American arrived much earlier than expected.

Many scientists for a long time have speculated that the first humans in North America have crossed the Bering Sea using land bridges. These land bridges were strips of land exposed because sea levels were much lower then. What is not yet fully known is when this crossing took place.

Now there is new research that the first humans in North America came to the place 10,000 years earlier than what has been speculated. The research has been done by Ariane Burke from the Universite de Montreal's Department of Anthropology. Together with her is doctoral student Lauriane Bourgeon. The research puts the earliest humans in North America at around 24,000 B.C.

Artifacts from the Bluefish Caves helped in the research. The Bluefish Caves can be found near the Bluefish River near the Alaskan border. Archeologist Jacques Cinq-Mars has excavated the site from 1977 to 1987. He used radiocarbon analysis to determine that the settlement there dated to as far back as 30,000 B.C.

The artifacts studied by Burke and Bourgeon came from the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, according to the Universite de Montreal's site. Through careful analysis of the artifacts, traces of human activity have been found in 15 bones. The team has also done another radiocarbon dating on the artifacts so as to be certain of their findings.

Burke has said that their analysis has shown the area where the artifacts were found was the earliest human settlement during the Ice Age, as Science Daily reports. The area had been isolated during the Ice Age and has become a refuge for human settlers there.

There is much to be known about the early history of man. As people learn more about it, new insight is being seen such as the first humans in North America having arrived much earlier. Also reported is that stimulated babies can have their brains boosted.

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