Stimulated Babies Can Have Their Brains Boosted

Babies need to be trained early on. Many parents still think that babies should be left to grow at their own pace. However, a new study shows that stimulated babes can have their brains boosted.

In some places today, babies are still being trained very early. Places in Africa and Asia have parents training babies at an early age. In the West, this has long been stopped in the belief that babies should be left alone to grow at its own pace. Such a practice though is seen to be incorrect.

Professor Audrey van der Meer is from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Through EEG she has seen brain development of hundreds of babies. By studying them, she has found that brain development could be faster if they learn new skills. More neurons are added as babies learn these new skills.

She has found that babies should be given challenges in order to stimulate this neuron increase. She has also found that babies need to be more active and not just carried around or else put in a stroller. More activities mean that babies would have a faster neurological development.

In her study, she has also used rats in her observations. She has seen that young rats who are more active tend to have earlier neurological development than those that are less active. She has also observed that children where stimulation plays a role have developed earlier than those who aren't, according to Science Daily.

Another area where this could be seen is language development. An earlier theory has said that parents should not speak their native language to their babies, as this could impede development. More modern research now encourages parents to teach their children languages, as AlphaGalileo reports. Children could adapt easily to different languages without any difficulty.

Another doctor shares in this approach. Lars Adde is a specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy at St. Olavs Hospital. He has said that children should be stimulated and explore their surroundings. Babies need to be active in order to have faster brain development. Stimulated babies can have their brains boosted. A study has also found cultural differences in DNA.


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