Why Microsoft Is Unsure Of 'Xbox Scorpio' Release Date?

As of now, Microsoft still does not have any latest updates regarding their upcoming console, the Xbox One console. Even Phil Spencer, the person in charge of the upcoming product's development is still unsure of the product's release date.

Latest update on Xbox Scorpio

It may sound to be a bad news for some; however, the series of unfortunate news does not stop there as Halo 6 is also even reported to not have a simultaneous release with the Xbox Scorpio. According to Yibada, Spencer confirms reports that Halo or Gears of War are not included in the Scorpio's launch.

For now, Spencer says to the public that the company is still unsure as to when it will release the specs and the other details and information about the Xbox Scorpio. However, it is also worth noting that Microsoft hinted a possible release date to be around the holiday season.

The PlayStation 4 Pro was originally planned to be the direct competition of the Xbox Scorpio. However, Sony's console went ahead of speculations as it was launched on the market last November 10, 2016.

Xbox Scorpio will be the best console in the market

According to PC Advisor, Microsoft says that the Xbox Scorpio will be the most powerful console on the market. But as of the moment, it is still unknown whether the console will feature an AMD Polaris GPU.

It makes perfect sense for Microsoft to instead use the new Vega GPUs, as the new Radeon cards do not run in 4K resolution. It is reported that the Xbox Scorpio will be priced at roughly $599.

With all of these being said, the Xbox Scorpio would surely be a game changer, not only in the gaming industry but for gamers as well. Hopefully, all goes well for the Xbox Scorpio, as its hype is obviously unfathomably thrilling.

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