Nintendo Switch Is Now Sold Out, Where To Buy?

The Nintendo Switch was just recently revealed to the world, bringing in plenty of hype and skepticism. Some have argued that the Switch is a little bit overpriced at $299. Some, on the other hand, worry that the system might just be another Wii U disappointment.

Nintendo Switch already sold out

But one way or another, though, it has been confirmed that the Switch is already sold out at most retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. That doesn't mean that it will remain sold out all the way through its March 3rd release date, though.

It just implies that whatever numbers these retailers had for the first wave, it has already been bought up. While some gamers have managed to pre-order the console, many others will have to wait until its official release.

Why is the Switch sold out?

The question now is whether that's because a lot of people are already pre-ordering the Switch that retailers simply can't keep up, or whether it's because Nintendo is (again) purposely producing insufficient units due to under-projecting demand or artificially restricting supply to create buzz, just like what they did with the NES Classic Edition

Hopefully, retailers will soon be refreshed with stock and other gamers can now get their Switch consoles from stores rather than scalpers and opportunists on eBay.

Will it Switch be a success?

Right now it's hard to say if the Switch is either overpriced or will become a disappointment. $299 isn't that terribly expensive, though $250 certainly would have a lot more reasonable. For now, $299 makes sense, considering the upcoming March release.

Most analysts also believe that the Nintendo Switch will not follow in the footsteps of the Wii U, simply because they think that Nintendo has finally solved at least some of its issues. Now that they've streamlined home and portable game development, they should be able to release quite a bit more content for the system, which would possibly include a major Pokémon release.

Time will tell. For now, best of wishes on getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch.

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