DotA 2 Latest Update Brings Huge Hero Changes, New Shop Interfaces

By Alvin Elfwine , Jan 24, 2017 04:30 AM EST

In the past few weeks, the whole DotA 2 community was divided. This is thanks to update 7.00, which brought massive changes to the game. And believe it or not, it was so huge that it kind of changed the whole meta of the titular multiplayer online battle arena game. But despite that, there are those who appreciate the beauty the new patch brought.

As noted in the official blog site of DotA 2, there are various game changes included in the latest patch. One of these are the significant tweaks done to the bar displays of both the health and the mana of a hero. In one way or another, this should help players better interpret their respective characters during the game.

Moreover, the developers did a marvelous job in improving the interfaces of the DotA 2 shop. The item grid, in particular, is now being displayed at the right corner side of the screen. Hero guides for the items, on the other hand, are now once again popping up (though just a tad of it).

Also in the new interface for the DotA 2 shop, popular items are now being highlighted. This can be seen within the item grid. But of course, there are plenty of these changes. In fact, as stated in the blog, these improvements go beyond the said feature. This alone here gives the game a notch high in terms of aesthetics.

Aside from the aforementioned, DotA 2 heroes also received updates. These refer to the characters' interface. For instance, the attributes of each of them are now visible. And take note: this is now a constant thing, contrary to what it was in the previous version of the title. Furthermore, the values of the damages and the armors can now be easily viewed thanks to the latest update.

The new update for DotA 2 has surely given the game an edge. While it's true that some aren't happy with the changes, it can't be denied that this is a huge step towards the improvement of the title. Besides, it didn't entirely affect the game's popularity.

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