Here's Why Fans Are Hating The New DotA 2 Update

The new DotA 2 patch (7.00) has arrived. Despite the truckloads of changes it brought, many didn't like it all. Most players who criticized the update see it as a way for the titular title to lose its identity. While there are those who accepted the patch whole-heartedly, it can't be denied that the entire community isn't happy.

According to Windows Report, among the main issues fans have with the aforementioned update are the changes it introduced on terrains. Take note that it also brought a new map. For them, if there's a map that can best define the game, it is no other than the current one. Heck, there are those who even deemed the new look as a broad copy of Riot Games' League of Legends.

The DotA 2 community believes that had patch 7.00 entered a testing phase of sort, things might have gone the other way around. They suggest that Valve should have consulted the feedback from the fandom first prior to making it all official. But hey, the complaints don't stop there.

Even the positions of the trees in the game has also been pointed out. That these elements here shouldn't have been replaced or changed. Why? That's because, for them (the players), it's one of the main cores of the title. Moreover, the changes the developers did to some hero abilities (the ultimate in particular) have also drawn flak from the fandom.

PC Gamer, on the other hand, notes that DotA 2 patch 7.00 is actually a huge deal for the entire community. Note that in the previous patches, it has always been 6.88 or 6.89 -- among others. The new digit (represented by the number 7) means something bigger. It refers to the epochal shift on the history of the game as well as its influence in the whole gaming industry.

That the arrival of the new patch should be celebrated. That's because it marks the pivotal shift of the title towards a modernized aspect -- from the interface down to its vital system. As time passes by, this hate will soon evaporate. Players will soon accept the changes, as these are all part of giving the game a new perspective.

What are your thoughts on the latest DotA 2 patch? Do you like it or not? Either way, what can you say about it? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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