Gym Membership Is Good For The Health

By Rodney Rafols , Jan 25, 2017 03:01 AM EST

Exercise is very good for the health. There is little question about that now. The issue though is that many people lack the motivation to exercise. Being with a group though would inspire much motivation, that is why gym membership is good for the health.

Many people each year make it their resolution to exercise more. Many though also drop out on this within a month, and some even before the month is over. This is because many also try to do it on their own. Without people around them, and having no prior habit to have consistent exercise, the effort would end in failure unless there are people around to encourage them to go on.

A study by researchers from Iowa State University recommend that people should apply for gym membership in order to continue with exercises. Duck-chul Lee is an assistant professor of Kinesiology and the lead author of the study. He has said that the study has found that people who join a gym exercised more often. This in turn has also led to a better cardiovascular health.

Those who benefited most are the ones who have more than one year of gym membership. The study has shown that gym members were more likely to be active in aerobics and would follow workout guidelines than those who aren't members. Gym members are 14 times more into aerobics than non-members, and are ten times to follow workout guidelines, according to the Iowa State University's site.

150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week has been recommended in order for a person to be fit. That could go down to 75 minutes if the workout would be vigorous, as Science Daily reports. Only half of Americans though have any regular exercise regimen.

The research has found that as much as 75 percent of those who are in gyms meet workout guidelines. Only 18 percent of those who don't go to gyms meet these guidelines. Those who are gym members are also more likely to go beyond the guidelines.

It is clear that being in a gym has benefits. Gym membership is good for the health. A study is also made to know if someone is anorexic.

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