US Government Scientists Resist Trump's Gag Order On Twitter

US Government scientists have launched their own Twitter accounts to show resistance against President Trump's gag order. Just this week, Trump have shut down news feeds and social media accounts of several US departments, restricting information sharing. Scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NASA, and National Park Service are some of the agencies who demonstrate their protest against Trump's media black out, issued during his first week as president.

"Can't wait for President Trump to call us FAKE NEWS," a National Park Service employee posted on the newly opened Twitter account @AltNatParkSer. It quickly gained more than one million followers. Another employee tweeted that while Trump can take away their Twitter, he can never take their free time, the Sky News  says.

Meanwhile, NASA's twitter account, @RogueNASA, displayed an introductory disclaimer describing it as "The unofficial 'Resistance' team of NASA. Not an official NASA account". NASA spokeswoman Karen Northon said the agency had not received any comments from the Trump administration regarding social media use.

Another, @ungaggedEPA, says that their Twitter account is for all the news and information they can't tell the public about. EPA have reported that Trump has also instructed them to remove the climate change page from its website. According to the ABC News Sydney , the chaos have started last week when an Interior Department employee re-tweeted posts about relatively low attendance at Trump's inauguration compared to former President Obama's massive crowd.

After that, the staff had been restricted from posting on Twitter. Also, materials on climate change and civil rights can no longer be searched in the official White House website. Because of the severe restrictions on media sharing, US government scientists have resorted to Twitter, which is ironically, also Trump's favorite media platform.

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