‘Prison Break’ Season 5 News, Spoilers: Will Michael Return As A Changed Man?

The latest teaser of "Prison Break" season 5 shown in the recently concluded NFL Super Bowl LI must be thrilling to its thousands of fans. It showed Michael (Wentworth Miller) reprising his role in the hit TV series. But there are rumors and spoilers that say he will not be the same character they knew before.

Could Michael Have Changed Since The Last Season?

The trailer of "Prison Break" season 5 shown at the Super Bowl featured Michael's wife Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) with their son. She was telling her son about her father's ability to appear out of nowhere just like a storm. The teaser also showed Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) breaking out Michael from prison amidst heavy fire.

Previous trailers of "Prison Break" season 5 have also shown Michael using the name Kaniel Outis as an alias. He is also portrayed as having some ties with the terrorist group ISIL. Fans are therefore left wondering as to what Michael has got himself into this time. Since the show started in 2005, this has been the way with the two brothers. It has always been Michael going into prison and Lincoln breaking his brother out.

The Upcoming Episodes Will Raise The Bar Higher

Paul Scheuring, the executive producer of "Prison Break" season 5 shared some of his thoughts about the show's upcoming season in a recent interview with CNN. He admitted that the stakes are higher now. This time, Lincoln has to devise a way to get Michael out of all places, Yemen, a war-torn and poverty-stricken country.

"I wanted to turn the whole prison escape on its head and it's not really about getting out of the prison as much as it is getting out of the country," Scheuring said. "Where in the world can you go where your identity is really a problem?" he asked. So, fans of "Prison Break" season 5 can expect the usual fast-paced actions that the show is known for. Watch the video below to get a taste of what season 5 has in store.

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