Crunchyroll Announces First Expo Convention In United States; Scheduled For August 2017

Crunchyroll has just announced that they will be holding an expo convention a few months away from now. The announcement came just after they celebrated a new milestone. The said popular streaming media website has reached more than one million subscribers and they will be launching the convention next.

Crunchyroll has named the event Crunchyroll Expo and the said convention will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. It will be held on August 25 until August 27 this year. The three-day convention will house a lot of presentations that come from anime, manga, and video games. They will also provide venues for cosplaying and other immersive forms of exhibits that fans will surely be interested in.

Aside from what Crunchyroll is planning for the massive event, they have announced that they will be working alongside their partners and publishers from the anime industry. Crunchyroll has yet to announce which companies will be joining. Adam Sheehan, the director of events for Crunchyroll has promised that the expo convention will be something nobody has ever seen before.

According to Sheehan, the expo will showcase things in a different way but will ensure that fans will still get to enjoy their favorites in a more extensive feature. He cited other shows and conventions like BlizzCon, PAX, and E3, which the Crunchyroll Expo is leaning on to get inspiration from. With something big like this, Crunchyroll has asked fans to keep posted so they can follow updates on the upcoming expo this August.

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular media streaming sites in the world, offering hundreds of the latest titles of anime series, Asian drama series, and even some manga titles. Thought their scope is limited because of licensing restrictions, they still managed to get a million subscribers. Crunchyroll was founded in May 2006 and is owned by TV Tokyo and Ellation (Otter Media) and is in partnership with Funimation for its coverage for the United States.

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