Crunchyroll Adds 'Psycho Pass 2', 'Noragami', And More Funimation Titles To Its Stream Catalog

Crunchyroll Adds 'Psycho Pass 2', 'Noragami', And More Funimation Titles To Its Stream Catalog
Crunchyroll has just updated its list five more series licensed by Funimation. Check out the list and find out where they are available. Photo : Madman/YouTube

The winter season sees a lot of anime titles coming up for new seasons. Along with that Crunchyroll has just updated its roster of anime series that can be streamed on its website. Among the new anime series, “Psycho Pass 2”, “Noragami” and more can now be watched on the said streaming site.

Crunchyroll has just released an announcement updating its catalog by adding five new popular anime titles licensed b Funimation as part of their huge collaboration. The anime series are “Noragami”, “Psycho Pass 2”, “Terror in Resonance”, “Yurikuma Arashi”, and “Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!!”. Each anime are available for streaming in select countries only.

The supernatural action anime series, “Noragami” will be available for streaming in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. The series, which also known as “Stray God”, is about a minor god named Yato who aspires to have followers. In his pursuit for a greater name for him and his shrine, he meets a girl named Hiyori Iki and a wandering spirit named Yukine, who he eventually adopts as his weapon called Regalia. He continues his quest for fame, accompanied by the two companions as they set off on a journey ridding the world of bad spirits otherwise called phantoms. The series aired 13 episodes with two OVAs.

Psycho-Pass 2” has been slated for release on Crunchyroll for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa. The action scifi series was released in October 2014 until December 2014 and ran 11 episodes. It is the sequel to the popular hit anime series, “Psycho Pass”. The story is set in a futuristic era in Japan wherein crimes, whether or not they have been committed, can be detected by just looking at every human being’s psychological state. The series revolves around Akane Tsunemori, a young police inspector, who teamed up with a group of veteran inspectors and enforcers. Enforcers are the people who are marked latent criminal in the said society for having the potential to commit crimes because of their instable psychological state.

Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!!” can be streamed in U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and other regions it has previously covered. The series aired 12 episodes in October 2014 until December 2014. It is an action-comedy animated series that follows the story of a boy named Soji, who is obsessed with the twin tail hairstyle and meets a girl named Twoearle, who comes from the parallel universe. Twoearle entrusted Soji with the Tail Gear armor so he can transform into Tail Red and protect the world.

Terror In Resonance”, otherwise called “Zankyou no Terror” will only be available to subscribers in the United States and Canada. The highly acclaimed psychological thriller animated series aired 11 episodes from July 2014 to September 2014. The story focuses on a plot wherein Tokyo has been struck by series of terrorist attacks, devastating the city. The attacks were initiated by two teenagers who called themselves the Sphinx to jumpstart their advocacy on destroying the world to wake the people up to reality.

The last Funimation series that has been added to Crunchyroll to date is “Yurikuma Arashi”, which can also be referred to “Yuri Bear Storm” or “Yuri Bullet: Yurikuma Arashi”. The said anime will be available for streaming in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Demark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, and earlier regions that Crunchyroll covered. The drama fantasy anime series spanned 12 episodes from Jan. 2015 to March 2015. The anime simply revolved around humans and bears co-existing after the bears’ far-off planet, Kumaria exploded and they decided to move to Earth. The anime adaptation entirely deviated from the plot of the manga series.

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