‘Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers February 13-17: Steve And Kyla Prepares For Their Wedding While Nicole And Belle Are Fighting For Custody

The next episodes of "Days Of Our Lives" are full of drama at the same time romance from soon to newly wed, Steve and Kyla. However, there is also a feud that will set the bars on who has the right to have Baby Holly.

Freedom Is Almost Here For Hope

In recent weeks, the story of Hope and Vaughn kept the fans from hanging. This week will be a little different as Hope(Kristian Alfonso) will receive an update with regards to her situation. Hope will also be with Greg Vaughan who plays the role of Eric. While they were talking about Jennifer and what should be happening to them, Hope has still no idea that a surprise news will be relayed to her.

Here Comes The Newly Weds?

As stated on top, Steve and Kyla will be very busy at this moment planning for their wedding. They will encounter some minor blocks along the way as they push through with their wedding but eventually they’ll be able to finish it. Also, while they are in Salem, Steve and Kayla will make a shocking discovery about Charles.

Pesky Orwell Device Spells Trouble

Meanwhile, there will be all kinds of trouble for Chad and Gabi dealing with that damn pesky Orwell device. It ‘s almost funny to see them struggle but they haven’t seen the worst part of it. To think that they haven’t resolved the concern is getting irritating already to the majority of the fans.

Victor Acting Like He’s Clean

Deimos is having a hard time catching and trying to patch things up. He is already visibly deranged and Victor(of all people) tells him to act like a man. Deimos is also being blindsided as he has no idea that Anne, Jennifer, and Adrienne is planning to destroy the pesky device.

Custody Battle Between Nicole And Belle

So who has the right to have Baby Holly by their side? Well, Nicole is very confident to some point being cocky already that Baby Holly will be in her arms anytime soon. However, Belle will have the last laugh as she will provide an evidence that will literally shock Nicole.

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