‘The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Sharon Unstable, Billy Wants Victoria? All Hell Broke Loose

The drama still continues as the people in Genoa City are filled with tensions. Recently, everybody thought that they have control over the current issues that they have, unfortunately, the misery still continues.

Sharon Is Still Emotionally Unstable

The new episode of “The Young And The Restless” will tackle multiple plots and as the producers stated, it’s not going to be pretty. The saga of Sharon having emotional struggle still continues. She is still bewildered in what’s happening to her life and she direly needs help from Victor. If there’s one man who can actually help Sharon in finding his husband, that would be Victor. The question is, will Victor find him? Or will Dylan stay out of their reach?

Lily Is Having The Time Of Her Life

On the other hand, Christel Khalil who plays the role of Lily is having the greatest time of her life. While others are dealing with some issues, Lily was out for a steamy photo shoot. The photo shoot is situated in the Brash and Sassy lab which is memorable for some characters. This is also the very reason why she accepted the role as the face of the brand.

Billy Wants Victoria Back?

Amelia Heinle(Vicky) just exploded. Amidst the photo shoot of Lily, Vicky was dumbfounded when she saw what was happening. Apparently, she was not consulted by any of the boys about their plans for the photo shoot. She might not be the sole CEO of the company but she is still part of it. There were multiple times when Billy was opting to have Vicky back but Vicky's tantrum and growing pain are skyrocketing. For the past days, Billy notices that Vicky was more of a dictator than a leader at the office. Be sure to check the episode this week.

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