Overwatch Update: How Genji Becomes The Most Bugged Hero

By Sarene Mae Butao , Feb 13, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Blizzard Entertainment has been successful with their campaign for Overwatch last summer. Apparently, the online multiplayer shooter has recently reached the milestone of 25 million active players in the game and the numbers are impressively increasing. Meanwhile, it seems like Overwatch does not exempt itself from several bugs and glitches that keep on appearing in the game. Though all of these bugs are minor, however, it can still affect the gaming environment.

According to the report from Gamingbolt, one Overwatch player posted on Reddit about Genji being the most bugged hero in the entire game. Furthermore, the Reddit user also made a pretty comprehensive list of bugs and glitches linked with the said character. As seen on the list, Genji's ultimate called the Dragonblade is considered as one of the most usually reported glitches to the game, where his ghost swing would not record any damage even if it hits its enemies clearly.

Meanwhile, other similar bugs reported are from his Deflect ability, where it is not registering correctly and Genji cannot perform a double jump after he swift strikes forward in the direction of a wall and climbs it.

A wall climbing bug is also seen on the list. It was explained that there are some instances when Genji climbs the most random of stuff against the actual wall he wants to climb, which is also a case for Hanzo. Apparently, these are lots of mentioned bugs on the list made by Reddit user chaosdragon1997 which include double dash bug, double dragon activation, last moment deflects and deflect being cancelled due to an end of ult animation.

On the other hand, players are hopeful that Blizzard will attend to these known bugs in Overwatch as soon as possible. Meanwhile, players are now anticipating the arrival of a new Overwatch hero named Doomfist as vidence regarding his arrival is now seen in the latest PTR update.


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