Twitter Will Feature Periscope´s Videos In Its Top Trends

Of every single problem that Twitter has been facing in the last months, the most important is the leak of users, given the fact that these are the most important elements when a social media becomes public. Although the platform has failed finding a way to increase the users´ number, there´s a new feature that promises to solve this issue increase Twitter´s popularity: Periscope´s live videos in its top trends.

Twitter´s Strategy With Periscope Might Be Quite Efficient

Apparently, the blue bird social network will integrate its live streaming app into the main platform, leaving just fewer reasons to keep a separate app that is dedicated to streaming video around. Naturally, this actions doesn't come exclusively because of the users´ issue, but also because many people has criticize the way in which Twitter hasn't been able to integrate Periscope´s ive streaming capabilities into its own app, even when the blue bird social network acquired the broadcasting tool two years ago.

Twitter's recently launched "Explore" section will now feature live videos sourced from Periscope within its "Top Trends," the company announced yesterday. The move will further integrate Twitter's standalone live streaming app into its main platform, leaving even fewer reasons to keep a separate app dedicated to live streaming video around.

Twitter Is Betting A Lot In Live Videos

In fact this was probably another really wrong move from Twitter, given the fact that this company wanted to operate Periscope as an individual social media, but failed really hard. Of course, Twitter wanted to imitate what Facebook did with Instagram, but this was something that quite different, especially in terms of popularity.

The streams will be found in the top trends section within the feature Explore, which clearly shows how Twitter is also betting on live videos as the most popular way to share content. Once you´re in Explore, you can browse the top hashtags and keyword searches that are blowing up on the Twitter network. Once the live videos are finally taking place in any trending section, a bright red "LIVE" will appear.

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