Facebook Announces New Moves To Fight Against Fake News

In 2016, Facebook has been highlighted with allegations of fake news. It was considered as a chaotic element in the social media network and is believed to be linked with Donald Trump´s victory in the U.S. presidential election. Although it´s believed that Mark Zuckerberg´s company hasn't made the proper moves to fight against this delicate phenomenon, the platform announced that there will be a measure to solve the spread of inauthentic content.

Facebook´s Measure Against Fake News Will Be Quite Simple

Apparently, Facebook will introduce new universal signals in order to determine if a post on the users´ news feed is authentic, which seems as a move that even when it could be problematic in the first days, is extremely necessary to eliminate an issue that hasn't been stopped yet. Regarding this measure to fight against the fake news, the social media network made a statement in which it explained that this solution would filter out messages that could be spammy, sensational, and misleading.

Also, it said that in order to make efficient this measure against the fake news, the platform will categorize pages to identify whether the posts were just trying to deceive the users by asking for likes, shares or comments. Of course, Facebook also recognized that some users will see a small increase in outbound clicks or referral traffic.

The European Union Recently Blasted Facebook Because Of The Fake News

Given this situation, some analyst believes that even when these changes won´t make a dramatic impact in a short term, it clearly shows that this social media network wants to make its news feed more trustworthy and timely, in recognition of Facebook´s growing influence as a news source.

Of course, this move comes after the European Union warned Facebook that there will be consequences if the platform didn't get rid of the fake news, given the fact that this is a problem that is also affecting other famous platforms as Twitter. Although this political union blamed Facebook for having a weak stance on this issue, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg´s company will show its teeth on this issue.

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