Overwatch: Is Athena The Next Hero Of The Game?

By Alessia Amherst , Feb 18, 2017 04:00 AM EST

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has shared a vital new tidbit of information regarding the next hero. In light of this, could the next character actually be Athena?

Jeff Kaplan Shares New Information Regarding Next Hero

A new character is always a big deal when it comes to video games, especially Blizzard's first-person shooter. Players can remember the major buzz surrounding the previously released Sombra wherein fans had to solve an alternate reality game (ARG) only to discover that she would be released at BlizzCon. Now, it seems like the studio has learned from their past experience and is only seemingly trickling hints about the next possible hero.

In line with this, PVP Live reports that Jeff Kaplan shared a very interesting piece of information regarding the 24th character that will be coming to the game. In the official Overwatch forums, fans continued to ask Blizzard about clues relating to the next hero. "24 isn't who you think it is," the director responded.

Since Sombra's reveal, netizens have been theorizing that the next hero is a character named "Doomfist" who wields a large gauntlet. The idea sparked even further as fans began requesting actor Terry Crews to provide the potential hero's voice. However, with Kaplan's latest vague clue, the question stands to which character will Blizzard release next.

Will Athena Join the Overwatch Battlefield?

While nothing has been confirmed, there may be a chance for Athena, Winston's AI, to join the fray. Not much is known about the character except that she is the game's official announcer and also appears in the animated short, Recall. There, she was almost hacked by Reaper but she manages to reboot before any drastic actions took place.

Similarly, SegmentNext reports that Blizzard had actually teased the potential inclusion of this character in the past. Game designer Michael Chu explained that they always wanted to make the game's announcer an actual character instead of a random voice. " the first way that we were able to evidence that was in the Recall short - and yeah, that's where she is... right now," he claimed.

His final words could possibly suggest that they have future plans for her. It is also worth noting that in one of the game's official group shot, there is an omnic that has a logo similar to Athena's iconic "A" symbol. With this in mind, she already has a "physical body" for possibly combat purposes. Blizzard has yet to confirm their upcoming character but Athena seems like a strong contender among the potential Overwatch candidates.

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