Overwatch Update: Symmetra Plagued With Major Glitch On Her Teleporter

Some problems that are present in Overwatch is actually not news anymore, and Blizzard is constantly making fixes for these minor errors in such a quick pace. In spite of the efforts that Blizzard has put into it, there are still new reports about how new bugs are affecting the players every week.

There is a new bug that has something to do with Symmetra's teleporter and shield generator that oftentimes disappear automatically. This is an issue that was reported by Reddit user EgeDal, and they are now looking at the responses and the updates. It seems like this is a bug that has affected a lot of users.

The user said that in one of his competitive games, they were holding first point on King's Row, and he is the only person alive as Symmetra. He teleported to bring his team back and it almost look that they could win since it was almost overtime. However, when he put a teleporter, it disappeared in the absence of anyone manipulating it or destroying it.

There is no hero in Overwatch that can destroy it that fast, and it also did not appear on the kill feed either. However, it was said that they got the point and eventually won the game. This problem has affected his SR and it does need to be fixed sooner.

Other Reddit users like Morurc said that he has also experienced such a glitch, and he thinks that the small corridor is truly an issue, according to Gaming Bolt. It is said that if the player spams Q at 98-99%, it might seem that a teleporter is in place but then it automatically disappears and resets the player's ult counter to zero. EveryNamelsTaken6969 said that this also happened to him three times.


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