Final Fantasy VII Remake Boss Battle Revealed In Screenshot

Square Enix recently released new screenshots detailing Cloud Strife in a bid to show off to fans the progress they are making with the game. The long awaited Final Fantasy VII has been in the making for some time. The new screenshot focuses on Cloud Strife in one of his first adventures with Barrett.

Fans of the series will remember that original Final Fantasy VII’s opening had Cloud Strife attacking Sector 1 Reactor. Anti-Shinra Barrett and Cloud are attacked by the Guard Scorpion which is the first boss of the game. This was the scene showcased in the first screenshot of the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Director Tetsuya Nomura, the director, admitted that he did not put out much in terms of updates for fans in 2016. He however confirmed that fans will see more updates and get more news from the remake of Final Fantasy VII. He promised that fans will get to see more of Cloud Strife in high definition even though it will be months before the game will be ready to grace screens around the world. Tetsuya Nomura said that the release of the title is still a long way off. However, he said that this year, he wants to show the progress of the game at an event somewhere.

Even though Nomura states that the first release of the episodic content will not be any time soon, it is rumored that the first episode may be released in 2017. Each episode will be the length of a full-sized game according to reports. Fans expect nothing less for the return of the highly successful title. Anything less would make the remake game seem like a failure to fans who have waited so long for the return of the highly anticipated videogame, as reported by GameRant.

In related news, Final Fantasy VII has a new combat that is being kept as a secret in fact, not much has been shown so far with regards to how the combat system works. Developers confirmed however that more details about the combat system will be revealed soon.  In addition, hints of it being similar to Kingdom Hearts surfaced all over the web, as published by SegmentNext.

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