Hideo Kojima Calls The Nintendo Switch 'A Gamer's Dream'

Speaking to IGN at RTX Sydney, famous genius video game creator, Hideo Kojima, was asked on what are his thoughts regarding the Nintendo Switch gaming console. His comments about the device were nothing but positive and thinks that not only does it represent every gamer's dream, but is also the first step of cloud technology for the future of gaming.

Nintendo Switch's Concept Is Similar To 'Transfarring'

According to Kojima, the concept on how the Nintendo Switch operates is similar to a specification on which he presented in a previous game that he did. The term was called 'Transfarring,' something that all video game console fans know by heart.

The idea of this method is that a player can take a saved data from a PS Vita and transfer it over to a PS3 in which can also be done back and forth. He believes that the Nintendo Switch is an extension of that idea, and the fact that users can play something at home then take it outside is a gamer's dream. In a way, the Nintendo Switch may be as well the evolution of "Transfarring."

Comparing It To Blu-Ray Discs

He then added another example, this time about Blu-Ray discs. He said that when a person buy's a Blu-Ray disc, it often comes with a code on the inside for a digital version. With the same approach, the owner of the disc can either watch it at home or take it on the go on their tablet or smartphone. This is how movies and TV shows are being watched right now, which games should also do so.

Cloud Technology Will Be The Future Of Gaming

Kojima also believes that the future of gaming will likely be based more on cloud technology where people can play games anywhere and on every device. And in regards as to where the Nintendo Switch stands right now, it is the predecessor to this step.

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