Windows 10 Latest Update: Everything We Know So Far

By Jomar Teves , Mar 01, 2017 04:02 AM EST

Microsoft has been working extremely hard on the next upcoming update to its current flagship operating system, the Windows 10, ever since the announcement of last year during the launch of Microsoft Surface Studio. Microsoft has claimed that the next version of Windows, as previously reported, is dubbed as the "Microsoft Creators Update."

About The New Windows Updates

This update came right after the launch of the Anniversary Update, which was in August of last year. Interestingly, Tech 2 has reported that the company also shared some details about the version that will come right after the Creators Update.

There is also a second update coming, although it has not yet been given an official name just yet. For now, it is labeled as "Second Update in 2017." The details for the second update was revealed when developer Rafael Rivera took a screenshot of the upgrade timelines in the announcement made by Microsoft during its Ignite Australia event earlier this month.

About the Second Update

There were no official details regarding the features that will be coming with the secondary update. But despite this, avid Windows enthusiasts can expect a potential radical redesign of the UI, termed as "Project NEON," to come with the second update. Another important thing that the report hinted about was the coming of "Windows Cloud."

About Windows Cloud

Windows Cloud has been speculated to compete with the Chrome OS, where it will be preloaded on devices without any additional cost. It will succeed on Windows RT as it will only run on Universal Windows Platform (or UWP) apps.

Other Update For Windows 10

Another report coming from ZDNet has pointed out that the OS will be able to run win32 apps but only if those apps were sourced from the Windows Store. It has also been said that the second update will come with a suspected "People Bar," which is a feature that was delayed from Creators update.

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