Mobile Legends: Patch 1.1.60 Will Now Severely Punish AFKers

By Kim Chan , Mar 01, 2017 05:09 AM EST

Patch 1.1.60 has just dropped and it brought about one of the most anticipated heroes in the game, Moskov, the seemingly overpowered Marksman in the game. Aside from bringing the most awaited contents (including skins, etc.), the patch also introduced new punishment for AFKers. Here's everything there is to know about Mobile Legends Patch 1.1.60.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.1.60

Mobile Legends released Patch 1.1.60 today and it introduced the highly anticipated (initially rumored to be hybrid Caster), new Marksman: Moskov. As soon as leaks about Moskov surfaced on the web, many were awed by the hero's apparent overpowered abilities particularly its second ability, Spear of Death. But that's not all, developers Moonton has introduced new punishment for the bane of most players in competitive play: AFKers.

Patch 1.1.60 Introduces New Punishment For AFKers

Previously, players that turn AFK from matches, lose credit score upon the conclusion of the game. However, it appears that many are still deliberately going AFK especially upon a bad start. In order to mitigate this issue, Moonton decided that aside from preventing AFKers from obtaining credit score, they also wouldn't be able to earn any kinds of rewards from that battle.

What does this mean? Well, it simply indicates that once the system flagged a player as AFK, that account will not earn rewards such as Battle Points, score points of the medal, rank reward, etc. Moreover, all existing players will be notified with the names of the flagged account. (Probably to help that player land a torrent of reports).

To check all the patch notes for 1.1.60, click here. This includes all hero balance update and system adjustments and bug repairs. It's worth noting that due to the underwhelming performance of Yi Sun-Shin, developers decided to give the hero a few buffs to augment its current performance. One noticeable buff is the newly added effect on Blood Floods.

Mobile Legends is now available on iOS and Android platforms.

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