‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ Chapters 209, 210 Recap, Spoilers: Elizabeth Defeats The Ten Commandments; Gowther The Possible Culprit?

Elizabeth finally overcame Indura and-and forced her out of the Ten Commandments in "The Seven Deadly Sins" Chapter 209. She was able to save many lives, but there are signs that show many more dire things to come. Elizabeth was exhausted in her attack but was helped by Melodias when she was about to faint.

Rueduciel Wants To Kill The Two Demons

Archangel Rueduciel wanted to finish off the two demons while they are unconscious. But he was prevented by Dolor and Gloxinia in "The Seven Deadly Sins" Chapter 209. They reminded him that if these two demons die, the accomplishments of Elizabeth will amount to nothing.

But Rueduciel warned the two that these demons might return to do the same thing again. Melodias said that they will deal with them when that time comes. "The Seven Deadly Sins" Chapter 209 ends with a warning that says a man still remains who may stir things up.

Gowther May Stir Things Up

One of the probable persons who will agitate the temporary peace is Gowther. He is the only one unaccounted for during the battle with Indura. Most of the protagonists are still exhausted and weak so this is a foreboding situation.

Here Are Some Spoilers For Chapter 210

In 'The Seven Deadly Sins' Chapter 210, the warriors will be accused of overthrowing the ruling monarchy. Their punishment will be an exile. But Elizabeth will discover the truth that the warriors were only framed for their supposed crime. The culprits are the Holy Knights, the appointed guards of the King.

The Guards Will Kill The King

But it appears that her discovery will be too late. The king's guards will assassinate her father and seize the throne. Elizabeth will be forced to flee for her life. She will seek the Sins' help in reclaiming the throne. She will meet with the first Sin, Melodias, who is actually an innkeeper and owns a talking pig.

Elizabeth Will Seek Help From Melodias

But Elizabeth finds out that this innkeeper doesn't even own a sword. How can this small man help get her throne back in 'The Seven Deadly Sins' Chapter 210? Fans of the manga series will know when the upcoming chapter is released on March 15, 2017.

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